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Brown Girl, ColorStruck World!

Natural hair don’t care.

From my POC Beauty blog: Black Is The New Blonde.  

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white person: I love black models!

*sees a picture of naomi campbell*

white person: OMFG AJAK DENG!!1

white person: I love black models!

*sees picture of jourdan dunn-


White person: I love black models!

*sees only the same 3 the entire season*
white person: OMG there were 100 black girls in the shows this season! Black girls killin’ it!

Black Woman in Korea: Sex and Fantasy #FAIL [Day 1]
This is actually relevant for women of color that are traveling anywhere in the world. If they ain’t on you ‘cause your black, they are on you ‘cause you’re black AMERICAN.

"No, I can’t teach you how to dougie. Bye."


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Care free and pretty brown girl!

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Lil’ Oppa: Do you know aegyo?

On the phone last night, Lil’ Oppa asked me if I know “aegyo…being cute?” That one question led to 30 solid minutes of pure FAIL! lol


Me: I know what aegyo is… like “buing, buing.”
Lil Oppa: Not that! So awkward.(- Long funny talk about how un-cute “buing, buing” sounds.)
Me: Laughing until I accidentally hang up.

++++++ Calls him Back+++

Me: Buing, Buing! (in leu of hello)
Lil Oppa: Honey, I think you’ve missed some medication.
Me: Laughing hysterically
Lil Oppa: Baby, are you drunk (he knows I’m not)…so weird.
Me: I’m sorry.( Explains that I’ve never done aegyo and why its so hard. The jist of which is that I’m American. I’m grown. I’m not cute.) Buing, buing just makes me laugh. ::battery falls out of phone::

+++ Calls Back+++

Lil Oppa: Buing, Buing!

Me: Laughs hystericalling
Lil Oppa: (Continues) Buing, Buing, Buing!
Me: Dead laughter.
Lil Oppa: Buing, Bu—(stranger looks at him like “wtf?!?” so he stops.)
Me: Do you want to hear my best attempt at aegyo?( ::clears throat:: then begins to laugh, because I know I am about to sound like Sooyoung from Girls Generation.)

Lil’ Oppa: It is time for your medicine…
Me: Oppa~ [starts saying the very first Korean phrase that comes to mind]

Lil Oppa- Ummm….Nice try hun.

He spends the next 10minutes trying to teach me how to do aegyo. He was patient, and even offered a couple of “better… I like that” when continued with my special needs level aegyo.

Long story short, like most women, my aegyo has a proven to have a solid effect on him. Threatening to use it will make him stop doing whatever he is doing, just to avoid my horrible “aegyo.”

Well that’s all for now. May the *Buing! Buing!* be with you!

Lil Oppa- Nice try hun.


This blog is:


Pro-Native American

Pro-POC (#solidarity)

Pro-White People with Common sense who are pro the above.
*In that order.

I follow back everyone who follows me, but if I’ve unfollowed you, its prolly because you’ve posted more anti-black/ extra-Sambo bullsh#t than I can handle seeing on my Tumblr feed.

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K-guys Say the Darnedest Things 7


So this exchange just concluded hours ago. He was relentless and even sent a a pic of him in a b-boy stance so I finally gave in. This was a long convo so I have condensed it (lines indicate more of convo happened in between) to the more interesting parts. This guy was actually funny (and I’m a sucker for funny people) so this lasted longer than usual. Almost, but no cigar! Anyway, enjoy!












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